Pornography's Impact On Marriage And The Family

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The document is the product of testimony before congress by Jill C. Manning and is public domain.

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Jill C. Manning presented testimony to the subcommittee on the constitution, civil rights and property rights, committee on judiciary, United States Senate. Manning (2005) writes, “The objective of this review is to compile the current, empirical findings that examine the relationship between Internet pornography and its impact on marital relationships and families, including children and adolescents. Individual effects are summarized to provide background on this issue. An emphasis is placed on empirical research, contained in peer-reviewed journals and conducted since the early 1990s, when the Internet became a widespread medium for sexually explicit materials and online sexual pursuits. Information regarding: (a) definitions, (b) key assumptions, (c) the virtual square, (d) the pornography debate, (e) Internet usage, (f) online sexual activity, and (g) contrary findings may be found in the appendixes.”

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